Agricultural Technology

Food, water, and availability are not as local as you would imagine. From farms to irrigation lines and crop types per region, all play a role with cost in what ends up in your grocery store. With recent advancements in IoT and affordability with sensors, paves way for new understandings with farming, for example.

A farmer could add soil sensors to rows of crops and turn on and off the drip water supply depending on the wetness or dryness of the surrounding soil, automatically. This is probably the most common understanding of farming sensors but by no means the only useful one.

Here at Wolfberry LLC, We have been testing out sensors this past year and have been building a system that lets various sensors connect and be able to report with data collected using a management portal. If you are interested in learning more, checkout as we’re releasing an indoor self-watering smart planter, that connects to the network in the spring of 2021.

Andrew Couch
Andrew Couch

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