We offer a full suite of capabilities including sensor capture, response, visualization, and storage.

We provide comprehensive solutions to make your farm or indoor greenhouse smarter.

Capture, visualize, and store vital sensor data on cloud or blockchain.

Andrew Couch, Co-Founder

The Problem

In order to address the problems of the present and future, we must redesign our approach and adapt to the changing world by finding solutions to climate change, wildfires, flooding, land pollution, invasive species, soil degradation, irrigation problems, waste, limited marketing power and profits, harmful pesticides and nutrient deficiencies.

The Solution

We provide comprehensive solutions to help optimize your farming and indoor greenhouse operations from start to finish. Our cutting-edge technologies provide sensors, storage, advanced visualization capabilities, and automation to help you gain real-time insight into your farm or greenhouse. You can monitor and control temperatures and humidity, optimize resources, and gain greater yield potential for your crops. Our solutions will help you make the most of your resources, ensure the health of your crops, and ultimately maximize your yields.

Agriculture Today

Across the world, we have studied and adopted a variety of farming techniques to meet our needs. Initially, humans were foragers who later learned to harvest their food, allowing us to spend more time with our families and reflect on how we can provide sustenance. Common agricultural practices include polycultural farming, which recreates the natural environment for plants, agroforesty, which involves planting trees to create microclimates, indoor farming in controlled environments, water harvesting to collect rainfall and create irrigation systems, plantation agriculture, which involves planting single crops on large plots of land, and many more. However, with the exception of indoor farming, most farming is dependent on the weather. By applying the latest sustainable farming practices, we can ensure that our food production systems are not only efficient, but also environmentally friendly.

Our Business Model

Our Business Model allows us to track from seed to harvest, providing farmers with relevant data and feedback that is stored and used by our machine learning algorithm to give more precise and predictive measures. We also provide suggestions to connect farmers with local supply shops and resources as needed based on their supply. Farmers have the option to share relevant data within the data pool through our applications, which is tracked with our secure Blockchain ledger system and can present them with additional profit for helping us and other farmers provide better services for crop harvesting.

Benefits of the Technology


Our advanced Blockchain technology provides farmers with a secure and anonymous platform to share data. With the help of our distributed ledger system, farmers can securely track and record their farming techniques and practices while simultaneously monitoring the environment around them. Additionally, our Blockchain technology allows us to accurately and fairly reward those who contribute data and help us in our mission to benefit the agriculture industry.

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence systems we use are revolutionizing the way we farm, providing our farmers with the best possible insights to increase their yields. Our data created with our team of professionals and farming advisors help us to provide recommendations and advice on the best crops for their specific environment, alerting them of any potential threats, and providing an easy-to-use platform for tracking their progress. With AI, our farmers can be sure of getting the most out of their land, even without an Internet connection.

Internet of Things

Our advanced IoT systems are powered by AI for maximum efficiency and accuracy in monitoring, tracking, and automating your plant environment. The state-of-the-art sensors collect data to provide you with tailored experiences for your specific farming needs, such as mass production, indoor, or even personal farming. With our cutting-edge technology, you can rest assured that your plants will be in safe hands.

Features and Capabilities

Sensors & Actuators

Various sensors and actuators are connected to the network to monitor and respond to environmental conditions. For example, soil and PH sensors detect dry soil and an out of balance pH, which triggers an actuator to turn on a water pump and deliver just the right amount of water and nutrients to the soil. Additionally, temperature sensors can be used to detect and adjust air conditioning systems to maintain a comfortable environment. These systems can also be used to detect changes in light, humidity, and more, allowing for a more efficient and tailored response to the environment.

Data Capture & Streaming

Information is captured by each sensor connected to the network and stored securely on the blockchain as a smart contract. Each sensor is able to stream data and can be shared at the discretion of the farmer. The data can be accessed remotely, enabling farmers to make intelligent decisions quickly and efficiently. By harnessing this technology, farmers can ensure their data remains private while gaining valuable insights into their production process.

Prediction Models

By utilizing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data capture, we are able to provide farmers with localized self-care solutions as well as additional essential information.


Our dashboard system enables our customers to easily manage their agricultural projects, monitor sensors, and adjust settings to optimize crop growth and harvest cycles. It provides real-time insights and powerful analytics to help customers make the best decisions for their farms.


In conclusion, we are taking the best of current technologies to make farming more efficient and accessible for all types of farmers, Commercial or Local. We are leveraging licensing and APIs to enable others to build upon our existing network and make it more tailored to their specific farming needs. Additionally, with the development of Augmented Reality, we are advancing our current model to include more precise imaging and control. This will allow users to control their farm with the use of their own movements and eyes, instead of relying on a mobile device or computer. This will keep our data more accurate, create an easier platform to use for our farmers, and allow them to use their own hands and visualize the changes needed and occurring on their farm in real time.