Just Getting Started

Blockchain, Iot, and AI

Welcome to our first blog post! We are just getting started. Wolfberry LLC is a company that has been a long time in the making. After trial and error and coming up with multiple concepts our team realized what our niche was.

Bringing Innovative technologies to the forefront of the business.

Currently, everywhere you look things are changing. With rapidly changing technology people find it hard to distinguish what may work for them or what will just be additional technology going to waste to their operations.

That’s where we step in. We are a team of industry professionals with knowhow in government, start-ups, and fortune 500 companies.

We not only can bring together the teams together to get things done but we can also do something no ones attempted before.

With emerging technologies with the 3rd generation of Blockchain, we are now able to build upon these infrastructures at a fraction of the cost and in a way that’s more sustainable.

Not only are we leveraging the newest blockchain has to offer but we have found a way to take the backbone of the development and connect it to AWS to allow users the experience of tying in their current projects to platforms they are familiar with while simultaneous connecting the data to the AI back-ends.

Pretty exciting right?
It doesn’t stop there.

We have created a proof on the concept set to launch Spring 2021 that brings IoT, Blockchain, and AI into the agriculture industry first! What better way to show off new technology than to bring it to people who need it most.

Agriculture is in danger of natural disasters, slow growth in additional workers, and as we have seen in 2020 pandemics.

Follow us for more on the development of our technology and help spread the word of what we are trying to do!


Meka Daniels-Couch Co-Founder/CTO
Meka Daniels-Couch Co-Founder/CTO

Army Veteran, Writer, Freelancer, Blockchain Enthusiast, Industry Professional

Just Getting Started – Wolfberry LLC

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