We provide IoT sensor capture, streaming, responding, and storage solutions.

Wolfberry LLC is a certified Government Contracting Company, we specialize in sensor capture, streaming, and decentralized storage solutions.

We provide everything your business needs to capture, stream, respond, and store sensor values securely.

Wolfberry LLC is a team of seasoned Veterans and Professionals who understand the importance of delivering the trust and expectations needed. We not only understand this but have deployed our own use cases in the field of Augmented Reality, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things for over 20 years.

Internet of Things

We’ve built a sensor system that captures, streams, and stores data on blockchain and integrated it with Internet of Things.

Blockchain & Dapps

We use various Blockchain technologies and integrate them into decentralized applications as the primary or underlining means of how your decentralized system will operate.

Augmented Reality

Our system uses image overlay to enhance sensor data. This provides an easier experience when viewing sensor data over larger areas. You scan the area with your mobile device to view content in Augmented Reality.

We provide Internet of Things, Blockchain, Dapps, and Augmented Reality Solutions.

Wolfberry LLC
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