We offer a full suite of capabilities including sensor capture, response, visualization, and storage.

We build sensor-driven solutions to capture, visualize, store, and analyze sensor values on cloud or blockchain.

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Christopher Sorge CIO

The Problem

Companies need to be able to look at these technologies as a single unit and start to use them together in order to build integrated solutions that can solve more complex problems. By leveraging the power of these technologies together, companies can create more efficient and powerful solutions that provide better results in a shorter time-frame. This will allow them to stay competitive in the marketplace and provide better customer experiences.

The Solution

Our solution is to merge the latest technologies into one comprehensive platform. Our software allows you to connect AI, Blockchain, IoT, and various cloud services into a single, easy-to-use platform for management. We utilize advanced APIs and our intuitive management tool dashboard to connect you to AWS and other cloud back-ends, allowing you to customize and develop the front end to meet your specific needs.

Who We Are

Wolfberry LLC is a company owned and operated by a diverse team of experienced professionals with a passion for technology and a deep understanding of what the future holds for us. We have harnessed the power of IoT technology to make it more efficient, reliable, and user-friendly. If you’re looking to start your next IoT project, look no further! Our team is ready to help you succeed! Send us a direct message and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Our Business Model

Our Business Model for Enterprise is broken down into 4 key steps. 1. DOCUMENTATION – This step is the first and most important. Without understanding what is in the environment and the current features and functionalities being used in the infrastructure, we cannot make positive changes to it. We would like to know the ups and downs of what is being done for internal operations, day to day repetitive tasks, and gain insight into the environment so that we can make the best decisions moving forward. 2. REVERSE ENGINEERING – Based on the documentation, we will confirm the original design and use that as a starting point for the project. 3. BOT CREATION – Here we will create the bots to collect data. Once the bots have been configured for data collection, they will be further configured to carry out repetitive tasks and task responses to environmental situations. 4. AUTOMATION AND MONITORING – The final step will be to have full automation and monitoring of task executions. This can be full automation or human execution after suggestion, which will ensure that everything is running smoothly and accurately.

Benefits of the Technology


Our use of Blockchain technology allows our clients to securely store their data on a distributed ledger system. This system keeps track of what has been stored and allows us to securely share it with others in the enterprise industry. We utilize cutting-edge techniques and practices to ensure the security of the data while monitoring the changing environment.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI systems are able to provide our end users with a more efficient and effective way of managing their operations. With the collective data, we can create a comprehensive and accurate overview of what is happening in the enterprise. This can then be used to help the businesses make better decisions, take advantage of opportunities, and mitigate risks.

Internet of Things

Our software allows you to create personalized dashboards and reports to analyze the data collected from the sensors. With the data collected from the sensors, you can make smarter decisions that will have an impact on the efficiency of your business. Not only can our solutions help you with monitoring and automation, but they can also provide you with predictive analytics that can help you prepare for future events.

Features and Capabilities

BOTs and Automation

Bots are increasingly becoming an integral part of the way businesses work, as they provide an efficient way to automate processes, gather data, and communicate with other Bots and services. They can be used to improve efficiency and provide users with more information, allowing businesses to make better decisions and become more competitive in their respective markets. Furthermore, Bots can help simplify complex tasks and increase productivity, giving businesses a real edge over their competitors.

Prediction Models

By utilizing prediction models, IT teams can be better prepared for any changes that need to be made. Prediction models allow teams to anticipate points of failure, so they can proactively address them to prevent any disruption of services. This helps to ensure that changes are implemented successfully and any potential issues are avoided.

Data Capture and Machine Learning

This monitoring dashboard will allow us to capture data which can be used to build predictive maintenance measures. We will be able to track common issues and identify when they occur, how often, and what the usual causes are, helping us to anticipate and prevent problems before they arise.

Monitoring and Configuration

The Monitoring and Configuration dashboard is a powerful tool for developers who wish to customize their IoT, AI, and Blockchain environment. With this dashboard, developers can easily view all features and capabilities, and make any changes necessary, whether it be tying in a distributed ledger, adding new bots, or integrating a different back end. This dashboard serves as the starting point for developers to make any changes they may need to their environment.


In conclusion, we are taking the best of current technologies to make enterprise more efficient and effective for all types of IoT use cases and clients, whether Commercial or Local. As new technology advances, we will continue to build and incorporate them into our existing infrastructure, allowing for licensing and APIs to enable others to further customize our network to meet their enterprise needs. We have plans to further advance our current model to include better imaging and control through the use of Augmented Reality. This will provide our users with a more intuitive platform to easily visualize and make changes to their applications without the need for a mobile device or computer, allowing them to use their hands and eyes to control the changes. This will keep our data more relevant and create a simpler and more effective platform for our enterprise clients.