We provide IoT sensor capture, streaming, responding, and decentralized storage solutions.

We build sensor-driven Dapps that capture, stream, and store your data on blockchain.

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Christopher Sorge CIO

The Problem

With the emergence of new technologies companies are forced to learn multiple software platforms to manage each of their tasks. When it comes to Blockchain, AI, and IoT these technologies are separate when they could be working together to solve more complex infrastructures.

The Solution

Our solution is to merge the technologies with one another. Our software allows you to connect AI, Blockchain, and IoT into one platform for management. We utilize API’s and our management tool dashboard to connect you to AWS back-end and allow you to customize and develop the front end to your specific needs.

Who We Are

Wolfberry LLC is a company owned an operated by a diverse team of professionals with not only a passion for technology an the understanding of what the future holds for us. We respect each other and our families and know that the future is what we make of it. We are consciously aware of the dangers that we face in the Enterprise Technology space and know that it takes not only passion but a driven and proactive approach to address these issues. We have brought forth the best of technology to make enterprise not only more efficient but have built on a model that is mutually beneficial to us as a company, our clients, and the enterprise industry.

Our Business Model

Our Business Model for Enterprise is broken down into 4 key steps.
DOCUMENTATION – This step is the first and most import-
ant. Without understanding what is in the environment how
could we ever hope to make positive changes to it? We would
like to know the ups and downs of what is being done for internal operations(within reason as is permitted), day to day repetitive tasks, and the current features and functionalities being used in the infrastructure that you would like to have changed.
REVERSE ENGINEERING – Based on documentation we confirm the original design and use that as a starting point for your project.
BOT CREATION – Here we will create the bots to collect data.
Once the bots have been configured for data collection then it
will be configured to carry out repetitive task and task responses
to environmental situations.
AUTOMATION AND MONITORING – The final step will be
to have full automation and monitoring of task executions. This
can be full automation or human execution after suggestion.

Benefits of the Technology


Our Blockchain technology allows clients to securely login to our platform and share data without revealing their identity. Blockchain allows for a distributed ledger system that keeps track of what has been sent so we can revenue share with those helping us help them and others in the enterprise industry with techniques and practices while monitoring the environment.

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence systems we use contributes to the better enterprise practices. The data we have created with our team of professionals and enterprise advisors help us facilitate suggestions and ideas for our end users. Whether it be to alert you of looming threats to your environment, suggest better outcomes based on your available resources and environmental culture, or just be a platform for you to track your own progress.

Internet of Things

Our IoT systems works with AI to monitor, track, and automate your enterprise environment. The sensors are what collect the data and allow our systems to provide you with the best experience for your type of use case whether it be for mass production, indoor, or just your small business.

Features and Capabilities

BOTs and Automation

The Bots that are set up act as sensors for the environment and have the ability to carry out repetitive tasks. They can be virtual or they can be physical. These Bots can be created and controlled by our Software/Mobile application or they could be previously set up Bots that can tie into our environment. We allow for different configurations to connect to the dashboard for management of infrastructures.

Prediction Models

If changes are made, wouldn’t you like to know what is likely to happen? No IT team is perfect and changes may be made without hitting every key point to make sure there isn’t a failure. The prediction models will let you know the points of failure and when it is likely to fail based on previous data.

Data Capture and Machine Learning

The data that is captured will be shown on a monitoring dashboard. It will also start to build predictive maintenance measures. If something is commonly breaking you will have a tracking system that lets you know when and how often and what the usual causes of it is.

Monitoring and Configuration

The Monitoring and Configuration dashboard will allow you to see all your features and capabilities as well as make changes as needed. Whether you want to tie in your own distributed ledger, add new bots or bring in a different back end the dashboard is the starting point for developers to make changes to the IoT, AI, Blockchain environment.


In conclusion we are taking the best of current technologies to make enterprise more efficient for all types of IoT use cases and clients, whether Commercial or Local. As new technology advances we will continue to build and incorporate them into what we currently have in place. We
allow for licensing and APIs to let others build up on the network we currently have in place to make it more custom to their enterprise needs.
With development of Augmented Reality we will be advancing our current model to include better imagining and control without the need of a mobile device or computer but rather with control of our movements and eyes. This will keep our data more relevant and create an easier platform use for our enterprise clients. So they can use their hands and visualize the changes needed and occurring with their applications.