How Good is Our Nutrition? Nutritional Outputs from Data Collection.

Do you know what you are eating?

Each day millions of people shop in supermarkets or order their groceries delivered but how many of us actually check the label? Food is essential to our nutritional needs. We cannot survive without food and without good nutrition we lack the ability to fight off illnesses.

So what exactly are we eating?

a woman farmer selects on a virtual screen the parameters that control the growth of the crop and analyzes the data using artificial intelligence

A lot of what we take in is fillers. I don’t know how many times I have gone to a grocery store, picked up a box, and noticed that there are very few nutrients on the label. So of course I do what any other health-conscious person would do. I go to the produce aisle and load up on fruits and vegetables. That’s the easy solution right? When in doubt just load up on fruits and vegetables.

But do we even know how nutritious these vegetables are?

How could we? There are no nutrition labels on fresh fruits and vegetables. Reports and studies have been done as well as discussions from the global health department that have cited that an increase in Co2 levels can cause nutrient deficiencies. Poor treatment of soil as well as other factors can also affect the output of nutritional value in our fruits and vegetables. Even still with this data, we are not being informed on the nutritional levels in our produce.

An inspector farmer with a laptop collects data on the field for subsequent analysis of plant growth and identify deficiencies to eliminate them. Increase Crop and Profit

We at Wolfberry have a solution. Using decentralized AI and automated plant systems we are able to collect data inputs for nutritional outputs. Using a decentralized model we can combine the datasets from different farms using secured measures of data supply tracking on blockchain to give people a better insight into what is happening with the food they consume. From seed to harvest. These moments are most essential when it comes to plant growth and most importantly we can now understand better what we are consuming.

Should we not have the chance to understand our health and the possible benefits or lack thereof in our food?

Conceptual presentation of the collection of important data and analysis of plant growth on the farm field to increase agricultural productivity

With the threat of global warming and future pandemics, we need to get ahead and work towards a solution to work towards a healthier and more transparent form of food consumption. Our health depends on it.

Meka Couch
Meka Couch

How Good is Our Nutrition? Nutritional Outputs from Data Collection. @couchmeka #blockchain #nutrition #datacollection

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