About Sensors and Data Tracking

Using sensors to track vegetable and fruit growth, to room temperature and smart refrigerators, gave us the idea to bring a system in that lets you plug and play into IoT. Not just getting into internet of things, but optimizing your environment for these touch point data driven devices.

When hooked up to a back end like Amazon, the potential is almost limitless. We are creating a management tool that goes between the developer access to what you would interface with, which will be much more simple and practical for daily use with no development knowledge required.

If you have a farm you can track the water, surrounding nutrients that go into the plant, Co2 capture and more. The market for sensors have been aggressive and the prices to obtain them are just a few dollars for dozens of them. This cost effective route using sensors and a practical management system is all you need to get here and beyond 2020.

We offer full network set up, and custom builds/installations.

Andrew Couch
Andrew Couch

just another guy into research, technology, and development.

About Sensors and Data Tracking #sensors #IoT #data

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