We provide IoT sensor capture, streaming, responding, and storage solutions.

Consulting, Co-Developing and Cooperative Project Deployments.

We understand the time it takes to create and automate something useful. Here at Wolfberry LLC, we have taken this into account and set up an IoT system that lets 3rd party sensors connect and update in real-time using an API and a website management portal. By setting up the foundations of this service, our clients can operate more assuredly and freely, from concept sensor tracking goals to post-deployment content management strategies.


We offer knowledge transfer, equipment, and online services that allow for sensor capture, streaming, storage, and management of various applications from Education to Enterprise.


We make deployments easy, our system offers full service and instructions with support. We offer licensing as well as development services to ensure easy set up and a smooth hand-off with technology.


Concerned about managing your new services? Not a problem! We will be there to provide you with the help you need but will also train your team on how to manage and troubleshoot. Your business deserves its independence.

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