Special Projects

Bridging the gap between innovative technologies, and the real world.

Wolfberry LLC Special Projects

Your Imagination + the best in technology delivered to your doorstep.

Raspberry Pi + Wolfberry LLC, Interactive Services Company. Founded, owned and operated by Veterans and Professionals.

Planter AI – prototype –

Planter AI is a Self-Watering Planter and IoT Agricultural Technology that provides gardeners with automated capabilities for growing plants. Planter AI uses a mostly hands-off method that allows the growers to receive alerts, modify plant needs, and get curated suggestions based on environmental factors.

Rolloberry – prototype –

RolloBerry is a cyber security training kit with ethical hacking capabilities featuring open sourced tools configured for Linux with additional custom tutorials and resources for self guided learning and permissible field use. RolloBerry also serves as a shield and secure gateway on and off the internet.