The Future of IoT and 5g

We live in a world full of sensors and internet connectivity, but not all the time and at such speed. Throughout the evolution of the internet and our increasing need to use it caused the need to upgrade systems, hardware and networks. This is happening throughout 2020 and beyond.

All the current sensors using data and wifi will be updated to run 5g and when they do, expect over 100 times the speed, this will open up the doors we are expecting from a faster network. Tracking little things that otherwise would have been overlooked at slower connections will now be tracked as primary means. An example of this would be a farm in a remote area, if they have a 5g tower they are transacting over 100 times faster than anything we are seeing prior to 5g.

From drones to tractors and from crops to buildings, everything will be connected in a way never seen before at such speeds. A moving car can depend on this connection speed to drive autonomously while tracking and reporting every minute detail to the operator, passenger and manufacture in real time.

We at Wolfberry LLC are bringing your business into the age of IoT, using various technologies, networks and sensors. To learn more about IoT use cases, and Wolfberry LLC, visit the link below.

Andrew Couch
Andrew Couch

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