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Wolfberry LLC

Explore our Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IoT services through our hardware and software, designed for classrooms and home learning.


Our sensor placement and management capabilities allows for some amazing tracking and reporting opportunities. We are offering an API in the Spring of 2021.


Innovative technologies can’t come fast enough for Agriculture. We have developed a system that improves and rewards, real world & digital offerings.

Wolfberry LLC

How Good is Our Nutrition? Nutritional Outputs from Data Collection.
Do you know what you are eating? Each day millions of people …
About Sensors and Data Tracking
Using sensors to track vegetable and fruit growth, to room temperature and …
Agricultural Technology
Food, water, and availability are not as local as you would imagine. …
The Search for a Developer
AI Lately we have been on the search for a Haskell Developer. …

Check out our services, we consult, deploy and co-manage Blockchain & IoT solutions.