We’re bringing essential technologies to the forefront of Education and Enterprise.

We provide everything you need for sensor-driven applications. Our software system supports smart homes, gardens, farms, and industrial complexes with an end to end data route with visualization from sensors to storage.


Easily set up and prototype sensor-driven Dapps designed for classrooms and home learning. We provide step by step instructions.


Our sensors and management capabilities allow for some amazing tracking and reporting opportunities. We offer end-to-end services.


View and download our Open-Source project on Github that captures, streams, responds, and stores data securely.

Wolfberry LLC

Wolfberry LLC is a company owned and operated by a diverse team of professionals with not only a passion for technology, but an understanding of what the future holds for us. We have brought forth the best of IoT technology to make it more efficient and easy to work with. Send us a direct message to get your next IoT project up and going with a solid team excited to see you succeed!

View our services; we consult, deploy, and co-manage IoT sensor capture, streaming, responding, and secured storage solutions.