The Future of IoT and 5g

We live in a world full of sensors and internet connectivity, but not all the time and at such speed. Throughout the evolution of the internet and our increasing need to use it caused the need to upgrade systems, hardware and networks. This is happening throughout 2020 and beyond.

All the current sensors using data and wifi will be updated to run 5g and when they do, expect over 100 times the speed, this will open up the doors we are expecting from a faster network. Tracking little things that otherwise would have been overlooked at slower connections will now be tracked as primary means. An example of this would be a farm in a remote area, if they have a 5g tower they are transacting over 100 times faster than anything we are seeing prior to 5g.

From drones to tractors and from crops to buildings, everything will be connected in a way never seen before at such speeds. A moving car can depend on this connection speed to drive autonomously while tracking and reporting every minute detail to the operator, passenger and manufacture in real time.

We at Wolfberry LLC are bringing your business into the age of IoT, using various technologies, networks and sensors. To learn more about IoT use cases, and Wolfberry LLC, visit the link below.

Andrew Couch
Andrew Couch

Just another guy into research, technology and development.

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How Good is Our Nutrition? Nutritional Outputs from Data Collection.

Do you know what you are eating?

Each day millions of people shop in supermarkets or order their groceries delivered but how many of us actually check the label? Food is essential to our nutritional needs. We cannot survive without food and without good nutrition we lack the ability to fight off illnesses.

So what exactly are we eating?

a woman farmer selects on a virtual screen the parameters that control the growth of the crop and analyzes the data using artificial intelligence

A lot of what we take in is fillers. I don’t know how many times I have gone to a grocery store, picked up a box, and noticed that there are very few nutrients on the label. So of course I do what any other health-conscious person would do. I go to the produce aisle and load up on fruits and vegetables. That’s the easy solution right? When in doubt just load up on fruits and vegetables.

But do we even know how nutritious these vegetables are?

How could we? There are no nutrition labels on fresh fruits and vegetables. Reports and studies have been done as well as discussions from the global health department that have cited that an increase in Co2 levels can cause nutrient deficiencies. Poor treatment of soil as well as other factors can also affect the output of nutritional value in our fruits and vegetables. Even still with this data, we are not being informed on the nutritional levels in our produce.

An inspector farmer with a laptop collects data on the field for subsequent analysis of plant growth and identify deficiencies to eliminate them. Increase Crop and Profit

We at Wolfberry have a solution. Using decentralized AI and automated plant systems we are able to collect data inputs for nutritional outputs. Using a decentralized model we can combine the datasets from different farms using secured measures of data supply tracking on blockchain to give people a better insight into what is happening with the food they consume. From seed to harvest. These moments are most essential when it comes to plant growth and most importantly we can now understand better what we are consuming.

Should we not have the chance to understand our health and the possible benefits or lack thereof in our food?

Conceptual presentation of the collection of important data and analysis of plant growth on the farm field to increase agricultural productivity

With the threat of global warming and future pandemics, we need to get ahead and work towards a solution to work towards a healthier and more transparent form of food consumption. Our health depends on it.

Meka Couch
Meka Couch

How Good is Our Nutrition? Nutritional Outputs from Data Collection. @couchmeka #blockchain #nutrition #datacollection

About Sensors and Data Tracking

Using sensors to track vegetable and fruit growth, to room temperature and smart refrigerators, gave us the idea to bring a system in that lets you plug and play into IoT. Not just getting into internet of things, but optimizing your environment for these touch point data driven devices.

When hooked up to a back end like Amazon, the potential is almost limitless. We are creating a management tool that goes between the developer access to what you would interface with, which will be much more simple and practical for daily use with no development knowledge required.

If you have a farm you can track the water, surrounding nutrients that go into the plant, Co2 capture and more. The market for sensors have been aggressive and the prices to obtain them are just a few dollars for dozens of them. This cost effective route using sensors and a practical management system is all you need to get here and beyond 2020.

We offer full network set up, and custom builds/installations.

Andrew Couch
Andrew Couch

just another guy into research, technology, and development.

About Sensors and Data Tracking #sensors #IoT #data

Agricultural Technology

Food, water, and availability are not as local as you would imagine. From farms to irrigation lines and crop types per region, all play a role with cost in what ends up in your grocery store. With recent advancements in IoT and affordability with sensors, paves way for new understandings with farming, for example.

A farmer could add soil sensors to rows of crops and turn on and off the drip water supply depending on the wetness or dryness of the surrounding soil, automatically. This is probably the most common understanding of farming sensors but by no means the only useful one.

Here at Wolfberry LLC, We have been testing out sensors this past year and have been building a system that lets various sensors connect and be able to report with data collected using a management portal. If you are interested in learning more, checkout as we’re releasing an indoor self-watering smart planter, that connects to the network in the spring of 2021.

Andrew Couch
Andrew Couch

Veteran Entrepreneur who enjoys technology, human behaviors, and cybernetics.

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The Search for a Developer


Lately we have been on the search for a Haskell Developer. As we are reaching the final phases of our development it has come to my attention that they may be hard to come by.

Why is that?

A technology that has been in development since the 1990’s you would think there would be more. However we are finding that is not the case. We understand that the stable development of this Functional Programming language came about maybe in 2010 or so. It’s not as if other companies are not using it.

Currently the Companies we are aware of that have Haskell Developers are Facebook, IBM, Twitter, NASA, AT&T, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Keera Studios, and I am sure a few others.

With some of the top companies in tech using this language the scarcity of the developers is jarring.

Our first meeting with developers they tried to convince us to use their blockchain and that Haskell wasn’t worth it as it would be difficult for us to manage. Haskell is not only a language that allows us to consolidate other programming languages but the compiling speed is said to be faster than others functional programming languages.

Now I am by no means an expert programmer not but I do know a few things about myself and our company. While I get it sounds great to just go the easy route we are developing technology that isn’t about “easy” its about functional and in order to give our users the best experience it needs to work with the Blockchain we have chosen as well as the other technologies that we have merged together for our proof of concept.

Cutting corners is not an option because its too difficult for “some” developers.

That is not what we are about.

Meka Daniels-Couch Co-Founder/CTO
Meka Daniels-Couch Co-Founder/CTO

Army Veteran, Writer, Freelancer, Blockchain Enthusiast, Industry Professional

Just Getting Started

Blockchain, Iot, and AI

Welcome to our first blog post! We are just getting started. Wolfberry LLC is a company that has been a long time in the making. After trial and error and coming up with multiple concepts our team realized what our niche was.

Bringing Innovative technologies to the forefront of the business.

Currently, everywhere you look things are changing. With rapidly changing technology people find it hard to distinguish what may work for them or what will just be additional technology going to waste to their operations.

That’s where we step in. We are a team of industry professionals with knowhow in government, start-ups, and fortune 500 companies.

We not only can bring together the teams together to get things done but we can also do something no ones attempted before.

With emerging technologies with the 3rd generation of Blockchain, we are now able to build upon these infrastructures at a fraction of the cost and in a way that’s more sustainable.

Not only are we leveraging the newest blockchain has to offer but we have found a way to take the backbone of the development and connect it to AWS to allow users the experience of tying in their current projects to platforms they are familiar with while simultaneous connecting the data to the AI back-ends.

Pretty exciting right?
It doesn’t stop there.

We have created a proof on the concept set to launch Spring 2021 that brings IoT, Blockchain, and AI into the agriculture industry first! What better way to show off new technology than to bring it to people who need it most.

Agriculture is in danger of natural disasters, slow growth in additional workers, and as we have seen in 2020 pandemics.

Follow us for more on the development of our technology and help spread the word of what we are trying to do!


Meka Daniels-Couch Co-Founder/CTO
Meka Daniels-Couch Co-Founder/CTO

Army Veteran, Writer, Freelancer, Blockchain Enthusiast, Industry Professional

Just Getting Started – Wolfberry LLC